Breathtaking Events at WFLA

Fun activities, awesome festivals, and inspiring academic lectures have never been a stranger to our students. Join them, with love, passion, and curiosity toward all the unknown!
  • Sept. 29Concordia University Visits
    Every year, scholars, facilities and city inspire 46,000 students in Concordia University to engage with big questions head-on. As a comprehensive university in Montreal, Canada, Concordia searches for innovative solutions and make positive contributions to society. Her creativity powers Montreal and connects us to the world. More information at .
  • Oct.1Enjoy the 7-Day Off!
    China's National Day is coming! Everybody will take a week off from Oct.1 till Oct.7. Please keep in mind that Sept.28 (Sun) will follow the usual Monday Schedule and Oct.10 (Fri) the usual Tuesday Schedule and Oct.11 (Sat) the usual Friday schedule. Flag raising ceremony will be on Sept.29 (Mon).
  • Oct.8Week of Art and Design
    From Oct.8 to Oct.11, teachers at the international campus may drop by to observe classes of Art and Design. Don't be surprised when you find out your students' hidden talents!